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5 Types of Dental Restoration Services

Dental Restorations have numerous methods that your dentist can change or restore misplaced teeth or lost parts of the tooth arrangement. It can be lost due to deterioration, delay of a before placed refurbishment, or break off a tooth. Types of refurbishments are the following:

  • Teeth Stuffing is one of the best dental restoration services and it’s very common also it can be filled with the metal, silver mixture, or tooth-tinted plastic and composite resin fillings.

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  • Crowns are the caps that are used to place on a tooth because the tooth can restore its dimensions like size, shape or strength for holding a bridge. Caps should be placed frequently or evenly on the teeth so it will help the tooth to restore the dimensions perfectly.
  • Bridges are fake teeth that are designed to fill the gap between the missing teeth. It is called Pontic in dentistry.
  • Implants exchange the roots of a tooth. Implants are actually a small post made of titanium mixtures that are placed into the bone hole where teeth are lost. The implant may want an accessory called an abutment that will support the teeth. Then it will cover by using the crown.
  • Dentures are a detachable replacement for lost teeth. They are prepared of acrylic resin, sometimes with metal accessories. Dentures replace all the teeth. Incomplete dentures are used when some teeth are still remaining. And are reserved by metal hooks attached to the natural teeth.