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African Thatch Huts With Deck Or Without?

The African thatch is a robust and reliable thatched outdoor gazebo. It has proven the ability to stand in front of cyclones and strong winds. This ability make it an ideal outdoor roof for all conditions and climate changes.

The  African thatch cabin will definitely give your garden a tropical look and feel. Because of its tile roof it tends to blend naturally to most outdoor areas and existing roof structures. We often get customers to think about whether or not they should get an African thatch cabin with a platform or without. 

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While the decision can often come to the personal aesthetic, a platform can also make your outdoor gazebo thatched stand out more and become a larger element of functionality in your back yard or outdoor space.

The African Thatch is an excellent insulator at night because there is less heat loss after dark and without condensation. This makes the African Thatch perfect for spa areas or outdoor pool.

If you want to have the perfect entertainment area then adding an African Thatch platform is a good idea. 

The use of kiln-dried pine treated without arsenic and decorative rope shackle at the foot of each pole, the platform is a solid addition to your sophisticated African thatch.