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All About Automatic Pool Enclosures

Swimming pools require intensive care, especially during rainy and winter weather. This is the season when you need to install a pool enclosure to prevent rainwater and melted snow from accumulating in the pool. However, water can easily build up on the pool enclosure. 

Otherwise, the pool surface and pool walls will be damaged. Investing in a specific type of pump will help eliminate this problem by keeping the pool and pool in perfect condition all year round.

You can buy custom retractable pool enclosures for indoor-outdoor pools  at various online sources.

While you can always drain the collected water manually, an automatic pump easily does that for you. Using a drain hose can be time-consuming and physically demanding, and doing all the work yourself can be dangerous during winter. 

Because of this, many homeowners use enclosures to drain water easily. If you are having problems with excessive water accumulation in your pool, an automatic pump can drain all the water without even manual intervention.

Manual or automatic/electronic?

Before buying a swimming pool pump, you must first understand that this pump is available in manual and automatic or electronic versions. Hand pumps require monitoring and turning the pump on or off manually before and after use. While this requires some effort, hand pumps are less expensive than automatic pumps.

Automatic pumps, on the other hand, have a monitoring device that automatically detects water and dispenses water when needed. This is a very useful feature if you don't want to constantly check the pool cover for excess water and see the entire pumping process.