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All About ESD Control System

ESD refers to the transfer of static electricity between the entities or objects at different electrical potentials. An ESD-controlled environment is one in which the potential of the transfer has been subdued.

ESD, or Zap, occurs when there is a difference in the number of electrons between two resources. Typically, the charge flows through a spark between two objects at different electrostatic potential when they approach each other – such as when your hand touches a doorknob after you scuffed your feet through the carpet.

If you want to know more about the ESD floor system, visit BSP Co., Ltd website. ESD protection is a big issue at the manufacturing facility, for Zap a big problem when small electronic devices are around. 

ESD flooring is only one facet of a comprehensive ESD control program. While the floor can significantly reduce the electrostatic buildup and discharge, other factors also come into play. ESD flooring solution should work together with other ESD control implementations. 

When used together with a complete range of ESD products, InhibiStat can reduce the electric shock possibility to an acceptable level, providing significant cost savings as fewer components will be affected by Zap and rendered useless. This makes ESD floors a wise choice, with a high return on the investment potential!