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All about Inspecting Bed Bugs

Bed mites were once thought to be extinct, but they are back and more prevalent than ever. Even the cleanest homes are infested by these tiny reddish-brown pests. These wingless pests can infest even five-star hotels. 

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The long-ignored bed bug treatment is becoming a very popular service around the globe. Bed bugs are the name given to these insects because they feed on human sleep. They are often found near or in close proximity to beds because of this. 

Bed mite treatment should not be limited to the bed. They will live wherever their tiny flat bodies allow. This is why you should look at the mattress and not the pillow.

The Mattress:

These pests can be identified by small dark marks and casings, as well as the bite mark that is visible when someone gets out of bed. There are two steps to creating a mattress for bugs: cleaning and treatment.

Mattress Cleaning:

Thoroughly vacuum the area. Use a vacuum that is heavy-duty. All bedding and linen should be washed in hot water. Dry your bedding and linens on high heat when drying in a dryer.

To get rid of eggs, scrub the mattress with a stiff brush.

Pay attention to all areas, especially the seams. You should be cautious and seek professional guidance.