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All About The Sisterlocks

You saw someone with a beautiful and stylish sister lock the other day and now this natural hairstyle is on your radar. You may be wondering what it's all about and whether you should get them. Installing Sisterlocks is a big financial commitment, so it's a good idea to research as much information as possible.

Sisterlocks are unlike any other natural hairstyle and can even be difficult to identify. Some say they look like micro keys while others say they look like microdisks. If you want to learn more about Sisterlocks, read on.

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Sisterlocks are not just a hairstyle, they are a way of life.

Who invents the Sisterlocks?

The woman who developed Sisterlocks was a professor of African-American studies named Dr. Joan Cornwall. He wanted to give black women a way to style their hair in a way that didn't require chemicals or hair extensions. Wondering how to make your Sisterlocks? you can not.

Trademarks are registered and protected by patents so you must make an appointment with a Sisterlocks Certified Consultant if you want this particular lock.

Dr. Cornwell invented the styling method in 1993 and it remains popular among naturalists to this day. He also created a system for men called Brotherlocks. What is the difference between Sisterlock and Brotherlock? The Brotherlocks are slightly larger but still smaller than traditional dreadlocks.

What Is Sisterlock?

Sisterlocks are stylish little locks formed by the interlocking method. When locking, you use a tool to make the lock rather than using a palm roll or two-thread twist technique. The Sisterlock or Sister Lockticians technique curls hair from tip to root with very little tugging at the roots or damaging the hair follicles.

There are so many Sisterlocks hairstyles that you can do because the locks are small and flexible. Sisterlocks on short hair look amazing and you can even do sisterlocks on twa (little afros). If you're dying to a certain length, you can opt for Sisterlocks extensions until you've managed to grow your hair out for the right level of skill and deal training).