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Basic Description For Boat Tours In Florida

Running for three hundred miles through the state of Florida, the St. Johns River is quite a wonderful waterway filled with wildlife and is considered as one of only 2 large rivers on the globe which flows from the south through the north. Boat trips will be available for public mixer tours from several major cities or towns along this river, which will include Astor, Sanford or Jacksonville.

They may vary from the duration or scope point of view, and by their ships as well, which may range from an old-fashioned riverboat to a high-speed airboat which can accommodate half a dozen guests.

St. Johns Riverkeeper

St. Johns Riverkeeper, an organization based in Jacksonville with a mission for protecting the St. Johns River as well as its tributaries, provides a wide variety of eco-themed boat tours. The trips will be including narration about the wildlife, as well as the flora and fauna of this river.

Tadpole Boat Tours

Tadpole Boat Tours will provide private tours for up to 6 guests which are generally available by request, and customizable according to your schedule or your budget. The trips will leave from Sanford and will take passengers along a peaceful and unspoiled stretch along the waters of St. Johns River. 

St. Johns River Airboat Tours

St. Johns River Airboat Tours will leave from Astor and take passengers along the waters of Lake George, Juniper Run, Blue Creek, Silver Glen Springs, waterways which are generally home to abundant fish species or alligators. Guests will be able to see a wide variety of bird species overhead, wild hogs or deer along the shores of the St. Johns River.