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Best Whale Watching Tour In Hawaii Island

Seeing whales in their natural habitat on a whale-watching tour may be the only chance you have. Therefore, it is important to calculate the experience, maximize the money spent, and make sure the whale watching tour you book is operated by a reputable company as you may only have one chance to get a closer look. You can also watch the whale tour at

An experienced, knowledgeable and patient guide is the first clue that the tour you are going on is legit. Most of the time, whale watching companies are registered as official tour operators and are happy to provide visitor information before purchasing cruise tickets.

Whale watchers need to have the right combination of education and scientific knowledge to make your day at sea a memorable one.

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Your guide should keep a comprehensive journal, recording whale observations, species, pod size, and the like, along with photos and other information.

Tours to stay away from

Due to the large number of whales migrating through bays and harbours, these days there are frequent offenders trying to make a quick profit by offering whale watching tours at high prices.

These tour guides and operators are not in good standing and don't want to provide an educational experience that encourages visitors to be more aware of marine life and just make as much money as possible. However, these whale-watching tour operators should be avoided.


Whale watching trips are completely safe; Your guide provides a brief overview of the basics of ship safety and should have appropriate rescue equipment on board.