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Brief Information on ESD Flooring

Selection of ESD flooring is often one of the most challenging decisions that specifiers and buyers meet in the course of making a world-class ESD program. Installing anti-static coating is a major capital investment. 

Specifiers usually turn to a general contractor or material distributor, to obtain ESD properties. Unless they specialize in the installation of ESD flooring, these sources will often have limited ESD knowledge of the installation process, or so the field tested results of the product. 

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Or purchase another may only contact the supplier of various ESD supplies (heel strap, ionizers, etc.) to get advice on installation problems (flooring materials or installation). It would be similar to having a floor firm  recommend ESD mat or wrist wraps.

In the past, most ESD flooring was determined to be dissipative (< 1Billion ohms) resistance. The current standard requires conductivity < 35million ohm, according ESD-20.20-2007 which protects sensitive electronics components against voltage of the body (voltage generated by personnel walking on the floor). 

As a result of today’s standards, the final determination is that the ESD floor coating should be chosen solely on properties that specifically applied to the floor.