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Cell Phone Battery: Tips and Solutions to Extend Battery Life

There is no doubt that mobile phones are everywhere and people get to use gadgets almost every minute that they’re awake. With the power of modern technology, any info can easily be downloaded and experience freedom by playing your chosen music all night long.

The latest cellular units these days have powerful features such as high resolution and very clear cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, touch screen display, and even voice command. It is a fact that one can live an enjoyable life with all these up-to-date gadgets that will surely answer all your mobile needs.

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On the other hand, behind every gadget is a battery that keeps it running. Can you imagine how portable and lightweight phones can run for several hours to days? Well, the answer behind it is a reliable battery. Can you recall the battery life of your gadget during the first few weeks to months? Commonly, brand new units are assured with reliable battery life for the very reason that the unit is not yet overused and the battery is not yet over drained due to overcharge or excessive use.

To keep your battery lasts longer, one must know effective and proven tips to extend usage hours and battery life. Initially, new batteries must be charged fully before using it. It is highly recommended to charge new batteries for about 5-6 hours.

Many mobile users keep their units open while charging which is not right. During successive use, charging hours are limited to 30 minutes to 1 hour. As much as possible, try to turn off your unit and wait for it to be fully charged and you will be surprised that your battery will last longer.