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Do IT Yourself- Strip Free Wax Hair Removal

The hard wax hair removal kits are so simple that they can be used by anyone. So women are now able to stay home and get themselves waxed.

Packages usually come with all the instructions are quite easy to follow, so there is less likely to be wrong. But if you are not sure to do it yourself then you can visit your nearest saloon. You can also get details about bikini wax in Hong Kong via

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Here is a detailed step-by-step directive:

Melt the wax: Usually, this product comes in a tub of wax, which needs to be heated so that the wax melts. Once the wax melts, it becomes goopy. The tub can then be left in the open rather cold. Candles inside can be stirred slightly with a spatula to get the right consistency.

Spread wax: Using a spatula, the wax can be dispersed in the targeted area in a long strip. The end of the strip can be thick, but part of the intervention must be thin.

Peel the wax coating: After the wax dries out, the thicker edges can be used to roll the strip.

Moisturize: After all the hair is pulled out, the targeted area should be washed with warm water and hydrating moisturizer should be applied to prevent the area from drying.

Waxing no longer needs to be a day of terror. With hard wax hair removal, get beautiful is winning!