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Dual Line Stunt Kite Guide

It is crucial to consider the two designs of the kite in terms of handlebars on a bike. To remain steadily on a bike it is important to maintain the handlebars straight and even, not making sudden or jerky shifts. In order to make your career in stunts performance you can join top caliber training & resources for filmmakers, actors and stunt performers.

If we wish to move to the left and then pull back slowly onto the left handlebar, and leave the right handlebar to go to the right as well. Gentle, steady, and fluid movements can aid in the movement of the kite and help keep it in check.

With the steady, smooth movements of your right and left hands, you're prepared for the first kite stunt "trick". Making a huge figure eight that floats in the air is the initial thing you'll need to attempt. For this, consider creating a figure eight with your bike taking advantage of your handlebars.

The same action is executed by using your hands when you hold the two parts of the kite. Pull the left line with your right hand until the kite will turn to the left, and then bring your hands close to make the kite straighter. Make a slight turn and pull further to the left to bring the loop of the kite under and then, join your hands for straightening the kite.

After you've completed the loop on the right, then turn left side and repeat the procedure making use of your right hand to pull gently on the kite, and then join your hands again. Continue to turn to the left side until you have a make a loop, and you'll have completed the first figure 8!