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Facts About Recurring Billing

Making sure that payments are paid on time is an essential aspect of any business, but especially for smaller companies that are dependent on cash flow. Monitoring the flow of cash both entering and out of a company can be among the most important and challenging jobs for any company – especially when resources are in short supply. 

The good news is that technology has given small-sized businesses an easy method to increase their customers' payment on time: Recurring Billing Platform.

The best recurring bill platform is the method where transactions are regularly taken out of an account such as a credit card or a checking account by a business for both goods and services provided that the customer gives the merchant permission. You might have heard of this program through your cable provider, cell phone provider, or even from your bank.

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There are simple solutions available that enable businesses to set up and automate the payment of cash on a regular basis (most typically monthly). These tools allow you to create payment processing schedules where another method of payment could be chosen. 

If the first method of payment fails to work correctly, the second method is able to be utilized. This ensures that your company will get payments in a timely manner, and you will not be charged the late fee or have a ping on their credit reports.

Recurring billing is beneficial for companies that require contracts or memberships. Through the automation of the process of collecting money the business does not just improve cash flow however it also reduces invoicing expenses reduces late payment as well as collections calls. 

It also eliminates the need for manual data entry, so that efforts can be put into the main business. Furthermore, when you automatize the transactions aspect of interaction with customers, the satisfaction and loyalty of customers will increase since the focus will be on the service offered rather than paying and billing.