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How Can You Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals provide a major convenience within any kitchen. But having this type of luxury does not come without some operational tasks. Follow these simple steps recommended by plumbers from and you will be able to safely maintain your garbage disposal so that it provides extensive and effective usage.

Stay Away From Hard and Fibrous

Any type of hard food foods should be avoided that including bones, seeds, pits, and shells. 

The same goes for fibrous foods which extend to banana peels, potato skins, artichokes, and a host of others. Fibrous foods can wrap around the unit’s shredder ring and cause problems.

It is Not a Garbage Can

Don’t confuse the garbage disposal with a garbage can. Small items like twist ties, strings, rags, sponges, and bottle caps should be thrown in the trash. Just because these items are smaller does not mean they should be tossed into a garbage disposal.

Clear the Drain

Clearing your drain when using your garbage disposal does not involve anything that is very technical. However, it is important to keep the disposal and water running after all the waste items have cleared the drain. Do this for about 30 to 60 seconds. This will help ensure all the items are carried through your piping as it has some distance to go after disappearing down the drain.

Give it a Good Cleaning

Dropping ice cubes down your garbage disposal every couple of weeks is part of the cleanup. Grinding up the cubes helps to break up any waste that is still clinging to the unit. Adding in some baking soda helps get rid of germs and the addition of some citrus peels can leave a nice aroma lingering around once the cleanup is finished.