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How To Find The Right Sized Mini Split AC System?

Are you planning to buy a mini split air conditioner? Well, you have made a good choice because a mini split unit offers quite a powerful cooling, but without making too much noise. The noise is barely audible when compared to window air conditioner. So, if you want to buy a mini split AC, then you should check out best mini split reviews by consumer reports. You will see top options on the list, thus making it easier for you to buy the right product. But how big or small mini split unit is suitable for you? Let’s find out the right capacity of mini split that you should have in your room.

The basic formula

Just keep in mind that 1 ton or 12,000 BTU/h of air conditioning output is going to cool 400 sq. ft., room.

The advanced formula

If you want a more precise estimation, then you can use this formula: BTU = 35 x sq. ft. The larger the area of the room, the bigger should be the capacity of mini split AC system.

If you have windows in the room that is sunny, then you should add 1000 BTU to the total estimate for each 10 sq. ft. of windows. For windows that are in the shade, add 500 BTU for each 10 sq. ft., of windows. Keep these measurements in mind and you will not have any issue buying a mini split AC system of the right capacity.