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Importance of Video Forensics

Computer investigations are a relatively new tool in our arsenal of investigation and it quickly proved to be a valuable source of information. It is emerging as a new powerful profit centre for the investigative firm or company.

A digital forensic investigation is the recovery and analysis of all types of Digital Media Storage (DSM) looking to find potential evidence is legally acceptable. Forensic scientist uses video analysis software to analyse the whole crime scene. To know more aboutvideo forensics software, visit

video forensics

These types of evidence are relevant to the theft of trade secrets, theft or destruction of intellectual property, wrongful termination, domestic cases, embezzlement and fraud.

With forensic media, experts can recover some or all of the report deleted, e-mail, Internet sites visited, and graphic suspects thought was gone forever.

It is very important for an expert to find standard document procedures. They follow the following procedure:

  • Release a form
  • Tags proof
  • Make a contract
  • Prepare a chain of custody documents
  • Analysing photos and videos

The absolute minimum time frame for proper investigation can not be predicted as the size of the digital media dictates hour investigation some cases literally take weeks. But the shining proof of the type of case often strong and quick.

Finally, understand that the use of this investigative tool is expensive. The cost of establishing an investigative laboratory can easily exceed $ 100,000.00.

The investigator should maintain expensive hardware inventory, software, technology staff and certification costs. The technology is developing rapidly and the resources you have to be aware of their responsibility to stay current – that come with high ongoing costs. While forensic multimedia software is one of the best tools for experts