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NATO Straps Are The New Trend

If you're not familiar with the NATO strap you'll be after reading this brief article. If you're just beginning to get into watches by purchasing a 25-dollar watch or have invested huge sums of money in the likes of Rolex or Tudor and the NATO is a timeless and durable strap.

NATO straps first appeared in the British military around the time of the Cold War. They were initially designed for soldiers and were named in honor of NATO Stocking Number, or NSN.

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The original NATO strap was available only with "Admiralty grey" and was available only in 20mm. The strap also came with an encased brass buckle with chrome plating and keepers.

The strap of nylon that was added to the buckle was military-standard since it was required to be fail-safe.

Nothing has changed in this strap's design since 1973, minus small changes like larger sizes or colors. The most well-known NATO among all of them is the reason why many watch enthusiasts have referred to this strap as "Bond NATO "Bond NATO".

Sean Connery's iconic look at his 196538 Submariner In GoldFinger revealed the iconic strap in navy blue, with green and red stripes. It's a timeless design.

While James Bond wore the NATO strap, it would take years before the straps made of nylon would be brought to the level of. Watchmakers have included the NATO strap in the standard purchase of a watch. From a marketing point of view, this is a great thing because it represents NATO.