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Reasons You Need Land Use Attorneys

What do you think land use lawyers are important? Do you wonder if you need to hire a lawyer when you are developing or owning real estate? It can be complicated with all the regulations and rules that govern property. 

There are many things to do like from zoning and planning to permits to incentives. Many property owners and investors turn to professionals for land rights mediationto deal with all legal issues surrounding property.

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Planning and Zoning:

It is important to ensure that certain types of development are allowed in an area where a person is planning to build something. If a person plans to build a gas station, they need to ensure that the property is zoned to allow for such a business. 

To ensure that all zoning requirements are met, land use lawyers can inspect the property. A lawyer can help you to determine if there are any opportunities to rezone.

Rights, Financing, and Follow-Through

If a person is interested in developing property once they acquired it, it becomes necessary for them to learn about financing and entitlements. These jobs often require the assistance of land use lawyers. 

They will ensure that all the legal requirements are met and that the statutes have been followed. Legal documents are needed to document all of these events. Land use lawyers must handle operating covenants, easement agreements, and contracts.


Disputes over investment properties are not something that anyone likes. It can be costly for everyone to settle, and it can delay development indefinitely. It is up to land use lawyers to resolve these issues and get to the bottom.