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Alternative Uses For Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film has been designed with the automotive industry in mind. It is intended to be a cheap alternative to expensive repair of the painting from bumps and scratches caused by road debris.

It works particularly well in this capacity and is becoming more and more popular. But like any new product, the paint security film is finding its way more and more of its intended use and in the field for many different applications.

3m protective film

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The clear paint protection film is essentially a plastic laminate that comes in rolls similar to tint glass. It is also similarly applied to tint. The truth is, the paint protection film is essentially the same product as the film tinted glass, only it is transparent.

When applied correctly, it is clear and protects against marks, etc. Armed with this basic knowledge, we can easily find an infinite number of applications. 

Garden furniture patio can hugely benefit from paint protection film. Use it for new furniture or protect or enforce freshly painted old items to restore near the new state.

The film, when applied to the above tables, makes cleaning a much easier surface, especially on wood surfaces. Caution should be used when applying the film finished wood pieces and the extreme tackiness of the film may damage the surface when removed.

Small electronic devices such as cell phones and MP3 players can be protected by the paint protection film. Cut a small piece to fit the screen or only use it to cover and protect the entire element, taking care to allow access to buttons.