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What Is Agricultural Education?

Agricultural education teaches students about farming, fruit, and natural sources. Through these subjects, farming teachers teach students a range of skills including science, mathematics, communication, leadership, management, and technology.

Students can learn about crop and livestock farming by studying the industry through online agricultural schools and colleges. To get more information about agriculture education visit

Agriculture education

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Agricultural education is imparted by three interrelated components:

  • Class or laboratory instruction.

  • Education experiences that normally take place outside the classroom are supervised by an agricultural instructor.

  • Administration education – distributed through senior groups such as the National program Organization, the National Youth Farmer Education Association, and others.

Many high school agricultural programs use FFA to enhance the leadership and experiential learning parts of their program.

Some possible jobs for someone graduating with a degree in farming education may be:

  • High school teachers

  • AG Literacy Coordinator

  • Agricultural Education Pro

  • Farm Business Management Instructor 

  • 2-Year Technical College Agricultural Instructor 

  • Adult agricultural education instructor Young farmer trainer

Agricultural education uses a three-cycle model of education. These are classroom and lab instruction, skill development, and experiential learning.

Strong integration of each of these three components appears in a great program that provides well-rounded people who are qualified to be leaders in farming, trade, and industry. Each academic program provides the same general research to students.