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After Becoming Amazon Flex Driver

Have you registered as an Amazon flex driver? If no, then apply for it and earn money. To register yourself as a driver you need to amazon flex download for android or download amazon flex iPhone and start working for amazon flex.

When you become an authorized driver for Amazon Flex, the next step will be setting up your amazon flex app according to your working hours like setting up your location, working shift, areas you want to work for, etc.

This application will direct or notify you where and when the parcel is ready for pick-up. When you arrive at the location you need to scan the package and place it into your vehicle.  the delivery destination showed to you after you scan a package.

This application will notify you of where to deliver your parcel. It also suggests directions to save time to get there. Once you create a shipment, you can check your earnings.

This app will show you exactly what you have earned so that you know how much money you will put in your pocket. You have to download an application and answer a few questions to start.

If you believe that the Amazon Flex driver app is for you, register yourself on Amazon flex and start earning in your free time.