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Can you use the Archie Flip Flops instead of foot orthotics?

Foot orthotics are a frequently used intervention for a wide range of foot and leg dysfunctional problems. These are designed and used to correct alignment and biomechanical issues. All the research data shows they are likely to be quite effective and the patient satisfaction type research shows that they are well accepted by those that rely on them. That doesn't mean that they don't have problems. They certainly do have issues. They can only be used in footwear that has the space for the orthotics to fit into. This implies that they are unable to be used in some kinds of sports footwear and some footwear found in specific occupations. Also, in some environments closed in shoes are not too popular due to the temperatures. In some cases people just have a philosophical objection to foot supports because they see them to be unnatural and as crutches that ought to not be used.

While foot orthotics are pretty straight forward and will easily be designed to work in the short to medium term you will find alternatives if patients would like to follow that choice. Exercise therapy is one choice and muscle strength can be improved and used as an alternative. Having said that, this will take many months to work and it will be a good option to make use of foot orthotics to begin with as they are able help get some improvement almost straight away. If footwear is the issue and it is difficult for monetary, occupational, sporting or lifestyle reasons to alter the shoes, there are possibilities such as the Archie Flip Flops which come from Australia and have a good level of arch support built in. There are more types of footwear such as these which do have support built in, though the amount can be quite small compared to the Archies and might not be as useful. As always you should always talk to your podiatrist as to what they think is the best choice for you.

How do the Archies Flip Flops Help?

Foot inserts are generally typically used to deal with a variety of biomechanical disorders of the foot and lower leg. These foot orthoses are inserts that are used in the shoe to try and modify positioning of the feet in such a way that they help disorders in the feet and leg. These problems range from, for example, plantar fasciitis in the heel to shin splints that can occur in the legs of runners. All the research evidence shows that the clinical outcomes with foot supports are generally beneficial and most people that have foot orthotics are happy with them. However, foot orthotics can only ever do any good if you actually wear them. You do need to have suitable shoes to use them in and use them for long enough for the problem they were prescribed for to get better.

Among the issues with foot supports is that you need to use them in footwear. This may be a issue if you do not like using shoes or live in a warm climate where the using of shoes is difficult. In these environments people like putting on jandals (referred to as ‘thongs’ in Australia) that you can not really use with a foot supports. There are numerous options that are offered. Among those is to restrict the time that you're not using the foot orthotics, so that you wear footwear with the inserts for long enough and do not wear the flip flops too much so that the painful problem does not occur. Another choice is by using things like the arch support sandals or jandals like the Archie Thongs from Australia. These have some arch support included in them and can generally be used rather than foot orthotics. Shoes like the Archies will usually not be as effective as an adequately made foot supports, however they could be more than adequate to supplement them and use when the proper footwear can't or will not be worn.