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All About Sustainable Wheat Straw

What Exactly It Is?

Wheat straw is your stem leftover following wheat grains are chosen. Traditionally, it has been treated as a waste. In some countries, farmers burn off it, leading to air pollution and developing a public health hazard.

Nonetheless, these stalks still have worth. We recover this substance and use it to create our wheat straw solutions.You can find the best eco-friendly straws in your area via online sources .

Sustainable Drinking Straws

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The reason why we use it?

We are aware that forests are endangered and endangered around the world, therefore we must find alternate materials that don't need virgin woods. With wheat straw, you are still able to utilize high performing disposable" newspaper" goods.

But realize that you are picking something that is made from rapidly renewable and reclaimed wheat straw rather than trees. On top of that, at the end of its lifetime, you can send your clamshell into the industrial composting facility rather than the landfill.

What is cool about it?

By utilizing wheat straw in your merchandise, you are diverting material from the waste stream and utilizing a reclaimed source to create lasting, lightweight, and compostable packaging. Your wheat straw production centers can also be situated near wheat fields, to lessen transport from the distribution chain. Wheat straw is a valuable, fibrous addition to compost that can often support the composting process as well.