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Active Release Therapy For Body Injuries

We never know exactly when our muscles will get too strong for tendons and the damage will occur. However, we know that the stronger we are, the closer we are to this injury.

Visit the doctor and check for damaged tendons. It may take weeks of rest for that particular body part, but it will not cause long term damage to your body.

If you are only experiencing tendon tension, active release therapy may be the best suited for you. You can get more information about active release therapy by hop over to this website.

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Active release therapy itself will be unlike anything you've experienced. The process involves three separate elements. First, there is a massage. This is normal and could be something you have experienced before.

However, the addition of a second element, exercise, means chiropractors can manipulate muscle groups in new ways.

Finally, dependence on electric currents is used to remove pain sensations from the brain. This allows the doctor to move and massage your hand in ways that were previously impossible and reach the injured tendon. He then scrubbed the area to break down the toxins and dirt that had accumulated in the area since the injury.

The unique combination of electricity, deep tissue massage and movement often breaks an injury and allows tendon healing.