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EBooks Vs Books – Which Should You Write?

There is a lot of advice going around right now that says you and your business need to write eBooks.

That books and eBooks are one of the best ways to establish your credibility and create a reputation for yourself as an expert in your field. 

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That if you sell information on any level then you must have an eBook or Book. And that advice is fine as it stands. But there is a problem with it.

Half the time the advice says you need an eBook. The other half of the time the advice says you need a book. Which is true? Which is the better format?

First off, let's clarify a few issues regarding eBooks and their elder cousin.

What is an eBook? There are two basic types of eBooks available on the market today. The first is a traditional type of eBook

Really what we're talking about is a glorified report or white paper. In short, it's a long magazine article.

Their length is often justified by reference to the difficulties in reading eBooks. To call them an eBook is really a bit of an exaggeration. The closest they come to be a book is that around the turn of the last century there was a type of book called a monograph. Monographs were short commentaries about one particular subject. However, books of that length grew out of fashion as the ability to read became more common.