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5 Simple Tips To Grow Your Subscriber List

List building is one of the most essential elements of any successful on-line business. By building your individual mailing list you will have the opportunity to attempt promoting your merchandise time and again. You can also take pleasure in being able to offer your subscribers other products, and services when you develop them.

So,  how can you seize those leads and make them profitable for you? Well, here are your 5 simple steps to establishing your own worthwhile lead capture system.

1) you’ll need your autoresponder setup, ready to accept your subscribers. To make it straightforward you’ll need to be able to pre-load it with messages to send to your subscribers from the outset in order  to remind them that they are on your list and that you have something that might interest them. Useful, informative and well-written messages sent a couple of times a week automatically will keep your subscribers interested.

2) Setup an irresistible landing page, giving one thing of value to your potential subscribers for filling in the form to subscribe. This web page needs to be as effective as any other sales web page where you might be charging for a product, as you will want it to convert as many visitors into subscribers as possible. Define the advantages of what you’re giving away, and outline the benefits of your offer in your preset messages (you did remember to setup those messages didn't you?).

3) Most autoresponders allow you to set a url  to send your subscribers to after they subscribe so, you need to send them to a thank you page, and let them know toverify their address before they will receive the first e-mail (and free gift) from you. If they want to confirm (they should, that is referred to as double choose-in and will help prevent you from receiving spam complaints), let your new subscriber know they are going to get the email with the link after they confirm their subscription to your list.

4) Your first email to your new subscriber should include the download link for the free gift you provided for subscribing. The best state of affairs here is to send them to a dedicated web page to get their download. This page may also contain a particular offer, sometimes referred to as an one time offer (or OTO). Make this an unmissable deal related to the subject matter of your emails. Let the subscriber know they will only see this offer once – and thats now.  If you do not have a special deal , you’ll be able to add a hyperlink to a product you promote as an affiliate, however make use of this invaluable backend sale opportunity.

5) Keep sending visitors to your sales pages and keep these subscribers coming. Be a part of JV giveaway promotions that are taking place on a regular basis to place your gift in front of a growing number of  people. Make sure you hold keep subscribers by sending them regular informative emails.

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