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Dealing With Endometriosis and Infertility

One of the most common causes of infertility is Endometriosis. In fact, it accounts for 30% to 40% of all women who are infertile. Suffering from Endometriosis does not automatically mean that a patient is infertile; however, there are a lot of cases that show a link between Endometriosis and infertility.

When someone has Endometriosis it means that the endometrial tissue is unable to function normally. Endometrial tissue is the tissue that lines the shape that forms in the womb. You can browse at to know about the various treatment options available for Endometriosis.

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If a woman is diagnosed with this condition, it is very important that she should be treated immediately. Endometriosis, if left untreated, will worsen over time. Endometriosis is a disease that even when treated, may recur from time to time.

Some common indications of Endometriosis are painful menstrual periods and irregular menstrual cycles. The reason why endometriosis and infertility are closely related is that Endometriosis can make women infertile if left untreated. Endometrial tissue is shed by the woman every time she has a menstrual flow.

If the outside of the uterus, the network does not have a proper exit from the body, so instead of a warehouse network and forms a stacked pool of blood in the abdominal cavity. 

Sometimes, the scar tissue eventually blocks the fallopian tubes that interfere with normal ovulation women. There is still much to learn about the causes of endometriosis and infertility, but there are various theories that can give you an idea why endometriosis occurs.