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How To Get Over the Fear of Flying

To understand how to overcome the fear of flying, you must first learn about fear yourself and then ask yourself what that fear is. In other words, what is it about the fear of flying that scares you? In many cases, it is helpful to make a list. You want to increase understanding. Then you can "face it and begin to erase it!"

In its simplest definition, the panic of flying or aviophobia is simply the fear of being on an aircraft in flight. However, this type of phobia is much more than being afraid of flying planes. It goes to great depths. This particular phobia is often made by combining other major phobias.

Fear of Flying

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How to overcome a fear of panic!

  • Tell yourself that you will be ok. Remind yourself you always get through your panic and phobia symptoms and this situation will be no different.
  • Ask yourself what you are most afraid of at that moment and narrow it down some as we did earlier. By recognizing your true fears, you can exercise some conscious control over them.
  • What I really want you to do is justify scaring yourself without intimidating yourself. When we don't let ourselves get upset we get nervous. It's okay to be nervous. Say to yourself, "I am allowed to be afraid" I allow myself. This will free you from undue stress.
  • Join an activity that you enjoy.

Doing so will teach you how to overcome the fear of flying terror but you still need a little help if it is a big fear for you. You need to get over that fear for a long time.