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Getting a Great Workout in Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable additions that you can make to your home. Nearly everyone can say that they love to jump in the pool for a cool dip on a hot day. However, few people realize that a swimming pool can be a great piece of exercise equipment.

Of course, distance swimming in itself is one of the most beneficial forms of training that you can engage in. The difficulty with this is that many individuals do not have a long lap pool available to them where they can swim for any reasonable distance. You can look for gyms with pools in NY, online at

Fortunately, though, it's simple to get a challenging workout in small pools, even above ground pools such as the frameset and easy-set inflatable models sold by companies. Here are a few suggestions for exercises that you can do in small & easy to own pools like this.

Lower Body

Getting a workout for your legs in an above ground swimming pool is actually surprisingly easy. If you have a circular pool, one of the most effective things you can do is to make a whirlpool. You do this by simply walking rapidly around the outside rail of your pool.

The resistance of the water gives your legs a spectacular strength-training session and you'll also find that you get a good cardio workout as well. The faster you push against the water, the more effective your workout will be.