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Prepare for Flu Time With Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and Flu Face Mask

In these economic times, the office manager may be tempted to skimp on restocking, thus saving money.

Many online sites have the ability to provide hand office manager. Soap and disinfectant wipes are offered at a discounted price so it only makes sense from an economic standpoint and health supplies.

 Products that every office must have

Flu Face Mask: An antiviral face mask for flu is a good idea for people who work in areas prone to high bacterial content. Avoid bug by grabbing a box of 3M Particulate Respirator Mask. If you happen to catch a cold this season, do co-workers a favor and wear a face mask when working flu.

Foam Hand Sanitizer: Put the sanitizer, and dispensers around the office can help employees avoid spreading the virus. They fill the dispenser will maintain a healthy office at a reasonable cost.

Alcohol hand sanitizers: Purell is a leading manufacturer of hand sanitizer, and they provide a lot of products of different sizes. Place a medium sized pump in the bathroom and break room, and store the size of the individual in a desk drawer or purse.

Disinfectant wipes: Kimberly-Clark Kimtech surface sanitizer wipes to help keep any germ-free office. These wipes are great because they messes clean and while disinfecting surfaces. They are valuable in the break room and bathrooms as a purifier.

Basic cleaning supplies: Be sure to make a basic cleaning supplies such as dishwashing detergent, disinfectant cleaner and a clean bathroom is available in the office. Keeping the common areas clean will greatly reduce the amount of harmful bacteria and microbes in the area.