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How To Configure Netgear ex2700 Wi-Fi Range Extender?

Today, we will discuss the steps for configuring the netgear ex2700 extender on your home network. Once you did with the configuration correctly, your extender will start working with the existing wireless network.

Before you start your netgear ex2700 setup, it is recommended to place the extender and router to the same room in order to avoid any signal problem. Once you successfully setup of netgear ex2700, you can move the extender to the desired location.

Steps for setting up netgear ex2700:

  1. Turn on your extender and wait until the LED turns green.
  2. From your computer or laptop, search for Netgear SSID and connect to it. Netgear_Ext is the default extender SSID.
  3. Open web browser from your laptop or computer and you will find the Netgear extender setup screen on the front screen.
  4. Netgear Genie Extender will start searching for the available wireless network in the nearby location.
  5. Once you find a list of available networks of your home, select the name of your existing network and connect to it.
  6. If you have enabled wireless security in your wireless network, then enter the password and click on connect.
  7. In case you dont find any wireless network within the range, then check the main network whether it is within the range of the extender or not.
  8. If the connection between the extender and router fails to establish, then follow some simple steps.
  9. Firstly, check the pass key you have entered for your router.
  10. Place your extender nearer to router and try to setup again.Refresh your networks by turning it on and off. You can perform the same on all the devices.
  11. Once the connection between the router and the extender gets well-established, you will be asked to change the settings of your extender.
  12. If you dont want to change the settings, then you can continue without changing the settings.
  13. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Your laptop or computer will get disconnected from the extender automatically during this time.
  14. Check all the settings whether these are correct or not.
  15. Connect to the extender now from your wireless device.
  16. Click Finish to end the setup page.