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Relief from Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is an epidemic condition affecting millions of patients worldwide. The medical industry responds to this growing scourge head, but making very little progress in terms of sustainable emergency supply for the majority of patients.

Medical science focuses on the development of mainly symptomatic treatment modalities when patients really need a cure for their pain. Objective study of history of back pain, the typical diagnosis, standard treatments and the statistical results portrayed a crystal-clear picture of why most patients really never recover from their debilitating symptoms. If you want to get relief from lower back pain then you can check this link

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Many health conditions can be traced back hundreds or even thousands of years in history. Back pain is rarely mentioned in historical medical texts and almost never mentioned as a serious or chronic problem. It is surprising to know that modern man suffers from back pain too great number to calculate.

Back pain complaints are the second most common reason for a patient to seek medical advice from their doctor. Back pain is the leading cause a worker to miss a day of work. Chronic back pain may not be a historical medical condition, but his time has come and it spreads like a contagious disease. Modern back pain conditions are known by patients and doctors as to be resistant to treatment and persistent problems that defy even the most aggressive treatment.