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Why Are CBC Lab Tests So Important?

The most common test that id done by people today is the CBC or complete blood count test. In this blood test, special machines are used to analyze the blood components quickly. The main part of the test includes the number of platelets, white blood cells or WBC, and red blood cells (RBC). You can also get more information about the online CBC test through various online sources.

In CBC, 1-2 tablespoons, or milliliters of blood will be taken from the patient’s body. This can be done in hospitals, laboratories, and doctors' offices. 

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Pad alcohol is used to clean the area where the blood will be drawn. A syringe or a vacuum bottle can be used to obtain blood samples for laboratory analysis. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets have different functions. For example, the WBC has a direct relationship with a person's immune system and helps fight infections. In the transport of oxygen, red blood cells or RBC play an important role. In blood clotting, platelets can prevent bleeding.

Depending on the symptoms shown by the patient, the doctor may ask for CBC. If the WBC count is high, this could indicate possible infection or malignancy. On the other hand, a low WBC can mean problems with bone marrow or can be the result of chemotherapy. When the difference changes, it also can serve as a guide for specific conditions. A low RBC count can indicate anemia while high RBCs can reveal disease with bone marrow. Values of low platelets can indicate prolonged bleeding while high platelets can mean severe inflammation or bone marrow problems.

Once your doctor request for CBC testing, you should not ignore this because this is very important to determine your overall state of health.