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Product Development Training in Ontario

Product development training programs involve an extensive range of workshops to provide practical training in new product development, as well as training regarding practices and concepts of concurrent engineering (CE), integrated product development (IPD), integrated product and process development (IPPD), and different methods and tools to assist in product development.

Evaluating and improving product development workshop is normally a one-half-day workshop. This workshop trains individuals in the method for benchmarking the top practices to assess and improve the product development environment of companies.

Leading product design companies are usually one to three-day workshops based on the best practices that deal with the dimensions of product development strategies, companies, and methods, plan optimizations, and technology tools.

The workshop may comprise exercises to emphasize the concepts presented. This training can prove useful to product development professionals and functional managers or a one-day version can be helpful to executive management.

Concept development workshops are three-day workshops that deal with procedures to determine consumer wants and requirements, develop product specifications, construct concept alternatives, and assess and choose an ideal concept approach. Workshops are spread over the course of this process in order to make available on-the-job training with actual projects.

Critical Chain project management workshop is a realistic method to cope with the risk and uncertainty that is in general associated with product development projects. This two-day, practical, hands-on training covers all aspects from product planning to executing the project.

Lean product development is a two to the three-day training workshop. It concentrates on the principles and practices of lean product development that focus on reducing waste, work-in-process, and the time required from inception to execution of the project. This workshop also deals with a lean design that focuses on minimizing wastage in the form of higher cost and poor quality in product design itself.