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Above-Ground Pool Covers

Owners must keep in mind that their pool must be covered when needed. For the most blatant reason, it helps to protect the pool from the negative conditions. A swimming pool like an above-ground should be given proper maintenance. Covering it will not only secure it but also the households. It comes in four types that accommodate different conditions.

1. Solar Pool Cover – It is used when a pool is not in use during daylight. The rays and heat from the sun are averted on account of the cover’s exterior. It absorbs the heat and will be transferred to the water at night. It is equipped with bubbles that can be seen underneath. Minute plastic globules are responsible for preserving the water temperature.

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2. Winter Pool Cover – Vital among other above-ground pool covers sold for the owners. Winter is an off-season for swimming which implies that pool should be set for closing. It is used to protect the pool under the harsh winter season. It comes in two forms – a mesh and solid. Mesh has a porous surface that allows melted snow or rainwater to penetrate. It has a closed surface that blocks any debris and water from entering.

3. Pool Leaf Cover – It is used in conjunction with solid winter cover. The net cover is placed on top in order to segregate the debris from the puddle of liquid. Using this product, it also helps the owners to have an easy and not-so messy opening for the spring. Pool leaf covers may also be used alone, but small debris like silt may tend to pass through the net.

4. Safety Pool Cover – When owners call for pool safety, then a special cover is the answer. Unlike the above-ground pool covers mentioned above, this one of a kind material does not only provide protection but also safety. This kind of shield is used to keep anyone away from the pool and can hold a weight of up to 485 pounds. Manufacturing a safety cover is not just about being created with durable polyethylene material. It should comply with the product standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Above-ground pool owners must have any of these helpful swimming pool covers. Investing in these pool covers will also prolong the life of their above-ground pool.