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Three Ways to Clear Water in Your Salon

Anyone who owns a hair salon or spa knows all too well the effects of the fumes from the many products used in a salon: headaches, a sore throat, irritated eyes, and fatigue.

However, there are three things which you can do to send those fumes packing in short order and ensure that the air that you and your clients breathe is clean and healthy. Search more details about custom salon capes through

Three Ways to Clear Water in Your Salon

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 Try Using Different Products:

The products are used in most salons contain a variety of chemicals volatile going into the air and stay there for hours, days even. If you are a larger salon with some beautiful work at the same time, the air in your establishment can quickly become unhealthy for breath.

Proper Storage:

Every product that cannot be sealed must be removed to prevent off-gassing and leakage; even new, unopened products should be stored in airtight containers just to be safe. Use the bins in your salon with a tight-fitting lid, preferably a foot pedal operated variety.

This prevents you or your staff has to touch the container when disposing of the product and make it smell and off-gassing to a minimum. Towels, aprons and other items that tend to get their products should be kept out of my salon and cleaned or discarded immediately.

Install A Water Purifier:

To keep the air in your salon safe and healthy, install an air purifier is a must. You need a filtration system that can operate around the clock, which was designed to eliminate potentially harmful chemicals from the air.