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How PPC Advertising Has Changed In The Last Decade?

Though advertising and marketing have always been employed by businesses to get their names out to the public, the real big change came with the dawn of the internet. Along with the onslaught of the internet age came the birth of PPC advertising (pay-per-click).

By virtue of a business banking on creating catchy online advertising in order to get a prospective customer to click an internet link, businesses now had a way of getting eyes where they wanted them. All they had to do was invest in themselves. If you want to know more information regarding PPC advertising then you can navigate to

It was a 21st-century take on the idea of spending money to make money, and for those businesses that did it well, it paid off in a big way. The problem is that for a number of other businesses, they remained stagnant in their approach to using PPC advertising.

Even just a cursory look at how PPC work has changed over the last ten years or so shows that if you're still operating at 2010 or earlier levels, you're in the 'Dark Ages'.

The PPC game has changed a lot, so it might be time to do a little strategy audit and see where it's time to find out just how much help your business may need.