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Sri Lankas Best List of Cuisines


Think of Sri Lanka a little different. When it comes to tourism, this tiny country competes against some of the very best. From pristine beaches to whale spotting, from trying your luck in a few casinos to enjoy your favorite drinks at pubs and bars, there’s a lot going on in Sri Lanka. Moreover, there’s food where Sri Lanka takes a lot of pride in. Make sure to try out some of these delicacies during your time in Sri Lanka.

  1. Polos – Jackfruit is the main star of this dish. Before it is served, onions, local spices, curry leaves, and cinnamon are first allowed to fry for a few minutes. Then jackfruit and coconut are mixed which turn the dish fry dry to a curry consistency. On your first try, you are bound to love this dish.
  2. Kottu – Think Kottu as a hamburger made in Sri Lanka with the help of godamba roti (flatbread). The roti is first stuffed with vegetables and local spices which is then deep-fried for a few minutes. With the help of spicy curry sauce, Kottu is served.
  3. Parippu – If you wish to enjoy a hot bowl of steamed rice that requires gravy, then try out Parippu. This is a curry made out of red lentils, spices, and vegetables, simple yet flavorful.
  4. Asmi – This is the perfect snack to enjoy in the evenings after a long day of shopping and activities. Perfect to go with tea or coffee.

Make sure you take the Sri Lanka and Maldives tour to try these awesome delicacies.