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Taking Advantage Of Your Chamber Of Commerce Membership

A chamber of commerce is an inexpensive way to bring your business a step up the ladder of success by providing you with the networking and marketing opportunities your business needs. 

You as a Chamber member can utilize these marketing opportunities to meet other business owners and consumers like yourself. Chamber of commerce events provide ways to help you build trust and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Many times some chambers of commerce usually engage past political leaders as their Presidents or Chief Executive Officers. These leaders tend to be connected and know who's who, where to go with an issue that affects a single business or a category of business. 

These Chambers tend to work very closely with mayors, city councils, police and fire departments and keep Chamber members informed of the current issues.

The general public see chamber membership as adding credibility to businesses, having passed a review before being accepted into membership. In addition, many times there are discounts offered to members of the chamber for services from other members, the inclusion in local trade shows or expos, and jubilees. 

Many chambers team with local radio, newspapers and journals offering great opportunities for advertising at extremely discounted rates.

When performing business coaching and a client wants to increase word of mouth advertising and exposure to local businesses, it is advisable to offer assistance on one or more of the chamber's committees. 

A position on the ambassador committee generally allows committee members to deliver new member packets, introduce themselves, find out a little more about their business and provide them with a list of events that might be most beneficial to them. It is not a time to sell your services, it is time to reach out and provide service.