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The Commercial Combination Oven

The combi-oven, considered the most versatile piece in commercial kitchen equipment today. 


The combi oven’s benefits are undeniable. Combination ovens are powerful and versatile and can be used to cook multiple processes, such as steaming, baking, poaching, and grilling. You can also find an electrician for commercial kitchen servicing at

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They can be used for everything from baking bread to roasting chickens and all types of food in between. They can be used by caterers to prepare complete menus, whether they are for 30 or large gatherings of thousands.

Combination ovens

There are many options for chefs/caterers when it comes to choosing an oven. It is important to choose the right oven. This oven is an investment. A top brand will deliver the best results, as well as the ability to store and retrieve your cooking data. 

Rational Ovens

Rational invents the technology in 1976. The first combi-steamers were manual controlled and difficult to use. Lee Norton, Rational’s Managing Director, says that a manual model requires the chef to input all cooking parameters, such as temperature, time, and load. “In a programable model, the chef enters the cooking requirements and sets into motion preset programs.”

Electrolux Professional Ovens

Executive training chef for Electrolux Professional Alan Evans says that the many benefits of such a “highly intelligent bit of kit” are numerous.