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Understanding The Concept Of Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards are a system of metal, plastic, wood, aluminum, and polymer which is used to protect the gutter system from debris, water, and ice. They come in a variety of configurations and have been designed with varying degrees of effectiveness. The most common gutter guard used in residential gutter systems is a tube that fits into the corner of the gutter. 

They are commonly made of aluminum, but polycarbonate and coated plastics are also on the market. The goal of this gutter guard system is to stop debris from entering your gutter. However, they do not deal with water that may already be within the system – meaning they will not prevent damaged gutters from causing any more damage to your home’s exterior.

Tube gutter guards can bend and expand with changes in temperature and humidity, allowing them to move along with the rest of your gutter system without damaging or breaking it. This means you can always just replace a section of broken guard that you no longer need, rather than replacing your entire gutter system.  

They also provide a wider range of protection than pipe gutter covers and can prevent dirt, debris, and other objects from entering your gutter system.