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Uses for Essential Oils

Essential oils, also known as aromatherapy oils, liquid extracts from various parts of the plant, known for their aromatic qualities. However, they can be used for more than making your room smell good.

Here are seven common uses for essential oils or aromatherapy:

1. Purify the air

When used in a diffuser, this oil evaporates and is distributed in the air. Most of these oils have antibacterial and antiviral properties. When the pathogen comes into contact with the oil evaporate, this microbe is inhibited. Therefore, the organic essential oils that are effective in purifying the air of microorganisms that cause disease.

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2. Set the mood

We respond emotionally to scent. These responses can have personal and cultural roots, but some are quite common. For example, lavender relaxes, while the citrusy smell tends to stimulate. We also often associate the scent of roses and jasmine with romance. If you want to evoke certain moods, such as when you are expecting guests come at home, you can use the extracted oil for this purpose.

3. Promote relaxation

Most of aromatherapy oils, including those that stimulate, promote relaxation. Lavender oil, chamomile, clary sage and patchouli essential oils or just some of the best aromatherapy to reduce stress and depression.