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What Are the Advantages of Prenatal Care?

One reason that the United States and Europe there is a very low perinatal mortality rate is prenatal care (or care antenatal) to the mother of the expectation and specialized assistance provided by following:

• The family doctor of family doctor (GP) is usually the first person to be consulted if a woman thinks she is pregnant. It is quite possible that the doctor will be part of a group practice in a health center. He or she may be a GPO (a general practitioner obstetrician), namely, a family physician who specializes in the care of pregnant women and children. You can get more information about prenatal care via

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Some GPs manage their own prenatal clinics; otherwise, they can refer to the mother to a hospital or a local antenatal clinic. In all cases, the doctor will give you general advice and care during pregnancy.

• Health visitor The health visitor is an RGN (Registered General Nurse) with at least three months of midwifery experience that followed a technical college course of a year. She or he does, in fact, look after the community and is usually attached to a health center, a general practice or clinic wellness room.

She or he can also work as a district nurse providing nursing home care for people in need. The health visitor can run the antenatal clinic and clinical child welfare and generally get to know the family very well.

• Community Midwife The midwife is an RGN who took the additional qualification of SCM (certified midwife of the state). She or he is qualified to care for the mother to deliver the baby at home or in hospital, to give medication if necessary, and take care of the mother and the baby when they leave 'hospital.