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What Are The Different Types Of Student Visa In Australia?

Many would appreciate having the opportunity to spend a few days in Australia learning and can so long as certain conditions are fulfilled.

In the first place, they must be proficient in the English language. They must also be enrolled in an entire or part of a course for a full time and the course must be provided by an educational or training company that is registered with the Australian Government for accepting international students. 

It is the Department of Education, Science and Training give full information but these courses can be both academic and vocational. You can also browse to get a student visa.

student visa australia

There are seven distinct kinds of student visas that could have different conditions. These are:

  • Independent ELICOS for those taking an English Language Intensive Course that does not lead to any Australian award or different certificates.

  • Schools for students who are in secondary or primary education.

  • Vocational Educational and Training covers a variety of certificates and diplomas for vocational training.

  • Higher Education includes graduate and postgraduate degrees.

  • Postgraduate Research is for students who are undertaking Masters's research or Doctoral studies.

  • Non-Awards -are foundation studies or aspects of courses that are not linked to the award of an Australian award.

  • AusAID and Defence are full-time courses that are undertaken by students of AusAID as well as a Defence student who is sponsored by the Australian Government

Each student who applies for a visa is assessed based on the country where the passport is issued along with the form of visa that is required.