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What Are The Uses Of Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil is thought of as a staple by the majority of people who use aromatic oil heaters, fragranced candles, soaps and cosmetics. It's also believed to be a good choice for the home-made mosquito repellents that are made as well as shampoos, skin lotions and household cleaning products. Lavender’s essential oil's benefits are endless.

The Lavender organic essential oil is extracted from the flower of the plant. Lavender flowers look beautiful and when dried, they are a great option for sachets to fill your drawers and closets.The dried lavender flowers can be used to smudge as you would smudge the bundle of sage or cedar. The aroma is refreshing and sweet to all.

lavender essential oil

Another use for lavender is to relieve tension. A few drops of lavender in your bath or foot bath will relax your muscles and cleanse also. This is the reason lavender has been used in oils, soaps, lotions and cosmetics for many years.

Lavender oil can be thought to be a gentler oil. Many people apply it directly on the skin. However, if you've never used it, do a test.

Fragrance oils can be mixed with chemical compounds and non-organic oils. They are more affordable and local, however buying a lavender essential oil is the best option.