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When Should You Call a Professional Plumber?

With the abundance and easy availability of guides on the Internet, many plumbing projects can easily be undertaken by the average person on their own. However, there are still times when the best option is to call in a professional plumber. Some seemingly simple projects are best left to a professional plumber.

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It is best to consult a professional plumber for the following types of plumbing projects:

1. The project requires approval. Permits are required for large plumbing work such as remodeling a bathroom, adding a new gas line for a barbecue, or moving existing plumbing. A professional plumber in Northampton will know if the project requires a permit and what must be done for the project to be completed successfully.

2. Replacement shower valve. This project can be tricky and lengthy for an inexperienced owner. There are many options for shower valves and it can get quite confusing, but a professional plumber can quickly choose the right valve for your shower. However, if you choose the correct valve yourself, there is still a risk of damaging the shower wall when trying to install it yourself.

3. Stop or block the baseline. Whenever you have a problem with the toilet leading to the bath and shower, the main route is the most likely culprit. Solving this type of problem requires tools that most ordinary homeowners don't usually have. While you may find equipment for rent, it is only recommended that you use it if you have sufficient experience.