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Why Do We Need To Stop Thumb-Sucking?

Thumb Sucking

As a parent, we know how difficult it is to stop 'thumb-sucking' habits. It is probably one of the most common habits, and most of us often stop in our early years. However, it is a hard habit to break and there are several easy ways to stop thumb sucking, which we try, like – bribes our children.

Why stop thumb sucking?

If your child is still sucking his thumb after permanent teeth have erupted, this can harm the teeth. As the thumb rests between the upper and lower teeth, if the habit stopped prematurely, teeth can begin to return to their normal positions as children are undergoing their growth and development.

How to stop sucking your thumb or finger?

As parents, we often start giving small kinds of bribes and rewards to our kids, but we know that this does not always work. Often the thumb is sucked for comfort. First, we have to start with the child – if he or she is determined to quit, it will happen.

All addiction breakers work by acting as a reminder – making your child know that 'the finger is in the mouth and to take it out'. There are varnishes which you can paint onto the nails which feel foul! If the thumb is sucked going off to nap, we can consider wrapping the thumb in a bandage, or using a sock as a glove – which again is not very refreshing if trying to suck thumb!

If you want some tips on stopping a habit of thumb sucking, consult your orthodontist on your next visit.