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All About Whisky Investment

An alternative market for investing in whisky is opening to investors after the introduction of an online marketplace that permits users to buy and sell units of whisky called the "water that lives" when it is maturing in barrels for as little as a couple of pounds.

The introduction of Whisky Invest Direct comes at a time when the market that sells rare whiskies is expanding. You can get more knowledge about whisky finance via different online sources.

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Here are some tips to know before investing in whisky

Purchase at auction

The first sales that were solely for whisky began 15 years ago, when the interest in whisky as an investment opportunity was beginning to rise. Prior to that, whisky was sold as a mix sale typically with other spirits, wine or other. Since this time the market has steadily grown and has grown year-on-year.

Online investing

Whisky Invest Direct gives investors access to the market of whisky through its online platform. Investors can purchase and sell the spirit at wholesale prices starting only PS2 a Liter. It does not require a minimum amount to invest and no limit on the length of time for investors to keep it. Whisky purchased and sold through the platform will be stored at secure warehouses.


Whisky is not in need of the cooler, cellar-like environment that is often needed for wines. Bottles need to be kept upright and in good condition, but they can be stored in any type of environment.