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Regenkit VS Emcyte Pure PRP Kit Comparison

The growing popularity of PRP treatments that are rich in platelets has resulted in the creation of several PRP kits that compete. The effectiveness of PRP therapies relies on the delivery of the therapeutic dose of viable platelets directly into tissues in need of repair and recovery rates for platelets vary significantly between commercially-available kits, based on third-party studies. 

This article outlines the main difference between the Stryker Regenkit and EmCyte Pure PRP kits, which include centrifugation protocols as well as platelet recoveries. You can also look for the best emcyte supplier in PA through online sources.

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The major differences lie in the divergent methods of centrifugation. Regent depends on the simplicity of single-spin preparation, whereas EmCyte PRP further concentrates platelets using a dual-spin method.

Both kits are based on the concept of differential centrifugation to remove platelets. Under the force of centrifugation's radial, it is possible for the different components of the blood can be separated using weight. 

The most heaviest components such as red blood cells are transported at a greater speed and settle on the lower end of the kit. They are followed by platelets, white blood cells, and finally by the plasma on top.

Excite Pure PRP kit protocols call for the supernatant to undergo second centrifugation. The subsequent centrifugation elements are more clearly separated and the additional platelets drop from the solution of plasma. A second centrifugation results in PRP serums that have greater platelet recovery rates.